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The Gift of Thanks

“Just what I always wanted” or “this is exactly what I need” are phrases of past and present for Christmas day. Many times, it might be just kindness because the gift recipient isn’t going to look quizzically at the giver and say, “are you serious?”.

We are all faced with buying gifts for different people and personalities. Of course, the more that you know someone, the easier it should be.

A couple of days ago, the front desk buzzed me to say that one of our TV sales representatives was in the lobby and wanted to give me a gift for the office. When I came up, she handed a box containing a dozen cupcakes. All I could say was “awesome” and “thank you”  because these were cupcakes from the cupcake shop, where the icing  was hanging off the edges and the chocolate, coconut or butter icing just made my mouth water when I looked at them. A real gift for the office that everyone “needed”. A great gift.

My last few blogs have probably demonstrated how busy it has been at the office. I know that posting pictures of dogs in antlers or angry snowmen doesn’t really qualify as a blog. This is the time of year when I  basically  get here in the dark and leave in the dark.   I am truly lookng forward to Christmas; the days off during the holidays, and spending time with family.

The cupcakes were just one of the many great gifts that were brought to the office. It’s a far cry from joking about how “we used to be so poor that we would just sit around and exchange glances at Christmas”. The cupcakes were a great gift, like so many others.  However, one particular gift really made an impact.

A couple of days ago, I was just going through my mail at the end of a long day. I was tired and didn’t feel like listening to voicemail messages or even opening up my mail. I decided to reach for some of the envelopes that looked like Christmas cards.

One was a card that had several sentences written in it. I recognized it as one from a client, who has been through a lot of difficulty these last months. She wrote how thankful she was for what we had done for her.  She mentioned her paralegal by name as meaning a great deal to her, and then specifically detailed some things that she was going to do with her settlement money.

I wished that some of my future jurors could read the letter. I wished that I could convey her message to insurance adjusters, to show them humanity. Most of all, I wished that I could just bottle that feeling that her letter gave me. It was a gift of the written words of “thank you”. Simplicity of thoughtfulness.

On to my general thoughts…just because Rudolph wasn’t allowed to play reindeer games didn’t mean that he wanted to play Facebook games!


For pic o’ day, it never hurts to write!!!

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