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Beat Virginia’s Life Expectancy?

     In every injury case that we take to trial, we introduce the life expectancy chart (Virginia Code 8.01-419) for the jury to consider when there is evidence of a permanent injury. It also makes me scan the life chart to see how long the law says that I am expected to live.

     According to the chart, at the start, women live to about 80 and men to about 75. The jury instruction tells the jury to give consideration for the rest of that person’s expected life span life. Of course, many clients lean over and whisper to me, “I’m going to beat that!”.

     I have blogged on this before because I am fascinated by the prediction of the length of life. That’s also why I  have blogged on some who have lived long lives, when they discuss their reasons for long life. I am also interested in articles that discuss how to lengthen your life.  

     The March edition of “Parade Magazine” has an article titled “Do You Have a Longevity Personality?” It postulates that having certain emotional traits or even tweaking your behavior can add years to your life. Here are the three characteristics that the article suggests to boost your life expectancy:

     1. Your glass is half full. A study of those over the age of 97.6 consistently found that they were more optimistic and easygoing than the general population. The article recommends that you daily write down things for which you are thankful and it will help to push away the troubles that create negativity.

     2. You’re everyone’s pal. According to a study by Brigham Young University, having strong social relationships can raise survival rates by more than 50%.  It doesn’t mean that you have to be a social butterfly. You can do simple things like invite friends to lunch or join a book club.

     3. You’re never late. Being detail oriented and responsible is consistently associated with longegivity. Making and using to-do lists.

     Staying positive, friendly and organized makes sense,  but coming from a health magazine also gives credence that they really may be a good life-long idea. I just checked the life expectancy chart. Guess what?  I think that it said that I should be writing this blog another 88 years. Let’s all stick together!

     For pic o’ day, here is a cat’s way of keeping the mailman hopping!

cat in mailbox


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