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Oregon Troopers Use Facebook

    “In a relationship” is now a new investigative tool in Oregon. (KATU) Oregon State Troopers had stopped a man on Interstate 5, near Lake Osweko. As soon as he passed his ID through the window, the Troopers became skeptical. The picture did not match the driver.  Then, the man said that he did not have documentation for the car because it belonged to his fiance’. More skepticism. The man then gave the Trooper the name of his fiance’. 

     The Trooper then walked back to his patrol car and performed some unique search capability for his Sunday afternoon traffic stop. The trooper decided to pull up the woman’s name on Facebook on the patrol car’s laptop. The woman listed herself as being in a relationship with Kerry Prowse. The original ID did not match the driver but the photo of Kerry Prowse on Facebook did.

     The Trooper then questioned the driver, who finally admitted that he was Prowse; a wanted fugitive from Portland. Prowse was wanted on a parole violation. His arrest resume included an arrest on suspicion of a felon in possession of a firearm, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and unlawful possession of methamphetamine. Prowse was also cited for DUI drugs and misdemeanor driving,  while suspended. Not surprisingly, the Trooper took him back to the station. No word on whether that woman’s Facebook status has now been changed to “still searching”.

      Just like pic o’ day, everyone is now using the computer for everything!

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