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I just read about an unusual entrepreneurial idea call Its slogan is the title of the blog and is the brainchild of a lawyer who could not affford to buy expensive dress clothes. Her law school loans interfered with her shopping. Not to be deterred, she came up with an idea to dress well and make money.

Her website offers “gently” used designer goods for sale. It charges a 10 percent fee to sellers, who can also decide to swap their credits for merchandise. What used to be considered as “no way am I going to wear used clothes” is now viewed as “Look at me, I am recycling”. It’s a way to get those “gently worn” Jimmy Choo shoes!

DID YOU KNOW that the longest recorded flight of a chicken was 13 seconds? There’s just something depressing about that feat.

And for pic o’ day, just a reminder that we represent bike riders… Well, most bike riders:


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