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If Only I Had

Sometimes I hear a client tell me how they think back on the day of their car crash. “If only I had left earlier” or “If only I had gone a different way”, or “If only it had been daylight”.  In fact, that takes the responsibility of the crash away from the true responsible driver.

“If only the defendant had been paying attention” or “If only that teenager had not been texting” or “If only that coffee cup had not fallen on the floor, causing me to reach for it”. Fault for the crash is an interesting argument in trial because many times the defense attorney will admit fault for the crash, but not fault for the injuries. Usually, that is the argument for the jury.

In real life, there are choices that can be made that have long-lasting effects. It’s why I read health and motivation magazines and books.

For this blog, I thought that I would post a recent article from Men’s Health titled “Cancer-Proof Your Body“.  It gives 8 possible stategies to “raise carcinogen shields”. Not surprisingly, there are several tips on vitamins and diet. The strategies also include “relax a little” and “get outside”.

Taking responsibility is what defendants should do when they cause a car crash. This article also is a good reminder to take responsibility for our health. For me, a special reminder to relax a little. There… I feel better already!

DID YOU KNOW that cows can climb up stairs but they cannot go downstairs. The anatomy of their legs does not allow the bending of their knees.

And for pic o’ day a reminder that thinking of the past… not relaxing!mistakes

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