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Power Struggle Over Powerball

It is the story of an ex-girlfriend who feels entitled to winnings. (USA Today) And so… a lawsuit was filed.

A New Jersey man won a $338 million dollar Powerball jackpot last spring, and now he is in the midst of a lawsuit with his former girlfriend, over the winnings.

Pedro Quezada was the sole winner of the Powerball drawing that was worth $152 million to him after taxes. His former girlfriend’s lawyers claim that the winning ticket was purchased with their shared earnings, which gives her claim to some of the winnings. Quezada’s lawyers respond that she has no claim because the couple was never married, even though they had lived together for over ten years.

Last Friday, the girlfriend’s lawyers sought to freeze Pedro’s assets, pending the outcome of the trial. The judge acknowledged the long-time relationship and that both parties had contributed to the expenses of the household throughout the relationship. However, the judge found no legal framework for putting a freeze on Quezada’s assets.

Here is the part that seems to be consistent with most lottery winners. Quezada’s attorney represented to the judge that a large chunk of the winnings are already gone. $57 million was sent back to family in the Dominican Republic. He gave  $5 million away. $300,000 was spent on a home and $20 million can’t be located. Yep… can’t be located! That is power spending of the Powerball.

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