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Some Lincoln Storytelling

For the Friday blog , I recite a story within a story, with an ending that you might consider a bit sideways. Still, under the excuse of reciting history, I include the following story for thought.

Abraham Lincoln ‘s patience was greatly tried during his Presidency, when favor seekers would consume his time. This was especially true during the trying times of the Civil War. On one occasion, he gathered a number of  would-be-office holders and “time-consumers” to tell them the following story:

“There was once a King who wished to go out hunting, so he asked his minister if it was going to rain. The minister assured him that it would not. On the way to the woods, the King passed a farmer who was working the land with his donkey. The farmer warned the King that it would rain soon, but the King just laughed and continued on. A few minutes later it was pouring, and the King and his companions were soaked to their skin. Upon return to the castle, the King dismissed his minister and sent for the farmer. He asked the man how he knew it was going to rain.

“”It was not me, your Majesty. It was my donkey. He always droops one ear when it is going to rain.”

“So the King bought the donkey from the farmer and gave him the position of minister at court. This was where the King made his mistake.”

“How was that,” asked several people in the audience.

“Because ever since then,” Lincoln continued, “every jackass wants an office. Gentlemen, leave your credentials and when the war is over you’ll hear from me.”

DID YOU KNOW that tennis was originally played with bare hands. And yes, without rackets, I also wonder what people threw when they got angry.

And for pic o’ day, here’s one from Stacey that has a message in a message:

seas the day

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