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Josh Izenberg’s “Slomo”

This blog takes us a bit off the beaten path to an article that I am posting from the NY Times. From the Opinion pages comes a documentary by Josh Izenberg titled Slomo. (also here at Slomothemovie)

The article describes and includes the movie about a doctor named John Kitchin who had become board certified in  Neurology and Psychology, but was not happy chasing a life of possessions and materialism. One day, while in the lunch room, he saw a man in his nineties who just kept piling food on his plate and looked immensely happy.

Dr. Kitchin looked at him and asked his age. The man smiled and told him he was ninety-three. Then, Dr. Kitchin decided he would kind of poke at him by asking, “How does a strapping young man like me, get to be an old codger like you?”. The man’s response, “Do what you want to”.

That poignant answer stuck with Dr Kitchin. Sometime thereafter, he began to have vision issues and was having problems recognizing faces and reading x-rays. At some point, Dr Kitchin left the practice of medicine to pursue a simpler life that includes a lot of rollerblading along the Pacific Ocean boardwalk.


That’s a small sample of the movie. If you click on the attachment, you will see the 16 minute movie on his journey and why he is now so happy. If you can’t click on it, then I will just give you the short version: He is happy. He left behind his chase of possessions and now lives in a studio apartment along the beach. His only major expense is skates. A reminder that happiness is not found in things.

DID YOU KNOW that honey is the only edible food that will not spoil?

For pic o’ day… a dog telling a joke:

Labra humor

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