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The Experimenting Juror

Dennis DeMartin decided that he would perform his own jury experiments in the widely publicized manslaugter trial of Wellington polo club founder John Goodman. (Florida’s Sun-Sentinel) Because alcohol was part of the evidence in the trial, DeMartin decided to perform Vodka drinking experiments in his own home, the night before he and the other jurors began to deliberate toward a verdict in the case.

Palm Beach County Chief Circuit Judge was not humored when he learned about DeMartin’s experiments. The Judge charged and found him guilty of two criminal contempt charges relating to juror misconduct. Then, he sentenced him to five months and 29 days in jail without any bail, while DeMartin appealed his conviction. However, that was not the end of it.

Last Tuesday, the 70-year-old experimenting juror was able to leave jail after he won an emergency ruling from the 4th District Court of Appeals. (March 4, 2014 Sun-Sentinel) The Appellate Court ordered the Judge to set bail because the original sentencing for the contempt conviction was an amount of time that would be served, before DeMartin could appeal the conviction.

DeMartin walks free during appeal. During his original trial, defense attorneys had introduced evidence that DeMartin suffered from an “unspecified neurocognitive disorder and/or mild dementia”. The Judge discounted that defense and decided to send his own message about the seriousness of juror service.

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