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A Benefit of Thankfulness

This week I am working from the South Carolina office. I stay at a nearby hotel downtown here in Greenville, and I can walk to the office. It’s that close. It seems like a perfect day with many reasons to be thankful.

     That’s my segue to the topic that is now backed with scientifc study. The Boston Globe reports that we should “Be thankful and make better long-term decisions”. According to the article, it describes why thankfulness helps us make better decisions. 

     A team of researchers led by a Northeastern University psychologist decided to study why people make impatient decisions described scientifically as “suboptimal”. These decisions result in problems such as credit card debt, obesity or even related to drug addiction.

     In the study, the researchers found that there is one emotion that can make us more patient. The findings are going to be published in the journal Psychological Science. Summed up, grateful people were more willing to forgo immediate temptation for a larger reward than people who were merely neutral or described themselves as happy.

     Psychologist David DeSteno explained that, “It probably is the case that we have specific emotions that make us take the long-term view; and if this is the case, that opens a whole new way to design interventions that can help people make better economic and purchasing decisions”.

     Time will tell whether this will help put down the cupcake and hit the gym, or save instead of going to the eBay app. The upside of the research is that there is now scientific proof that gratitude has its virtues. 


    DID YOU KNOW that Mr Clean (the cleaning detergent) is known in Spain as Don Limpio?


     And for pic o’ day, a bit of a nod toward Califnornia Chrome winning the Preakness Stakes:

horsing around

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