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Pot Meets Kettle

First, as I noted in yesterday’s blog, I was at the North Carolina high school golf tournament. My nephew shot a first round 77 and was not satisfied. To me, it looked effortless. The temperature around 90 was pretty stifling. I have the fan blowing on high in the office today!

For the blog,  I titled this after the idea of  silly criticism. In this instance it led to an arrest.

This story  (USA Today) is about a woman who was ticked at her drug supplier. The marijuana was apparently a fraud.  So, she called the police, just as she said she would. Guess who paid the price! Some 911 calls are just not an emergency!

DID YOU KNOW  that Thomas Jefferson was once given a 1235 pound block of cheese for a gift?  Supposedly, that’s where we get the expression “The Big Cheese”.

For pic o’ day, some good ole-fashioned friendliness.

Giraffe laugh

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