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New Bike and Text Laws

Virginia pinpoints July 1 as the day that new laws take effect that were passed in the past General Assembly session. summarizes several laws right here. For the purposes of this blog, I thought I would point out two new laws relating to travel. Specifically, new laws regarding bike riders versus cars; and drivers who text while driving.

First, SB1222 merged into law showing that the Senate and House were in agreement to increase penalties for texting. As of Tuesday, police can now stop and ticket drivers for texting as a sole offense; rather than having to stop them for something else, and adding texting as a seccondary offense.

The fine for texting now increases from $20 to$125. In addition, the law also provides greater fines for texting if the violation also is included with a conviction of reckless driving. Obviously, the legislature has decided to put more emphasis on texting and driving. For those keeping score, six delegates voted against the bill in a 91-6 vote.

The second law discussion relates to the amount of space that a car must give a bike rider. A car or truck passing a bike must give a minimum clearance of at least three feet clearance as the car passes and is safely clear.  That distance is now increased from two feet and also applies to mobility devices, mopeds or something like a wagon that is drawn by a horse. (SB97) If word gets out on the passage of this bill, it may save lives!

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