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I felt like I spent all weekend downloading the new Apple update. Every device would remind me that I had downloaded on another device. The update took so long to download that I felt like answering each device with… no kidding. Yes… I know that the iCloud is on the other device. Just my quick Apple rant!

I titled this  A Working Blog because it includes  “work stuff” variety. Here are two pictures from our TV production last week. First is from the spot that we shot for a UNOS TV spot. It has Lisa Shaffner, public relations director for UNOS, and me. We are doing a commercial to advertise the upcoming UNOS event supporting Donation and Transplantation. As soon as the spot is ready, it will be on the website.


And then a shot while I was filming one of our 15 second Joel Bieber Firm TV spots. I am always fascinated with the green screen and how barren that a TV production studio feels and looks. After the magic of production, they can put any background in there they want, and it makes it look like I am standing in front of a bunch of books or an office overlooking some grand window. The finished product always makes me smile. Maybe someday they will even make it look like I have hair!!!!!


And since we have been hiring additional paralegals, assistants and lawyers, I thought this was firm timely. Here is a funny interpretation of the interview process:

Job interview

I hope it’s a great Monday! As I say at the conclusion of each of our attorney meetings… Carpe Diem!

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