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Monday’s Wanderings for Life

Back in the seat and blogging. Plus, I am pumped up after some football!     One week of the NFL. What does it mean. Who rules?


I am told that people prefer a shorter Monday blog because they have so much to do. Today, I will try to give you something to read when you have the time. It’s an article from the titled 41 Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

Once you get through the ads, you will find such thinks as How to skip ads, or how to skip the operator. Of course, Geoff Glick and I were recently stumped by the message that we regularly hear at businesses. Why does it ask us to wait because “their options have changes”. Why does it matter, if most people have no idea about their original options?

See, that’s why these “Life Hacks” might help! Oh and, you might be interested in dead batteries or lost credit card ideas.  So… some blog thoughts after a late Colts game last night!


And for pic o’ day, we give some cat response to dog domination:

cat domination

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