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News From the Road

There’s a blogger that I regularly read, who titles many of his morning blogs as Morning Leftovers. That’s because he writes day and night about baseball.

Today I am headed up to West Virginia for some work on a case that includes a mediation. So, I also went with the obvious blog title.  The mediation will include at least eight different defense lawyers, because of the many defendants. I hope that they have lots of available food!

So, I thought I would post a couple of quick news stories that caught my attention. First, did you see that former Congressman from Virginia, Eric Cantor, has taken a job with a Wall Street Bank? (  Are you nosy like me? (By the way, I had to look up the spelling of nosy. I learned it can be spelled both ways.)

The article says that he will make at least 3.5 million dollars over the next 16 months. He was hired according to the CEO, “for his judgment and experience”. Cantor has no previous banking experience. Imagine his salary if he had experience!

The second quick news story today takes us to South Carolina. A teenager is suing the Division of Motor Vehicles (Yahoo) because they would not let him wear makeup for his new driver’s license photo.

The sixteen-year-old Chase Culpepper says that he sometimes wears makeup and woman’s clothing and that DMV told him that he was ordered to remove his disguise. He says he left the building feeling humiliated. Culpepper has filed suit and his complaint alleges that “Chase should be allowed to get a driver’s license without being subjected to sex discrimination”.

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