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Blogging Goals

If I started the blog with a discussion of “Hands up, don’t shoot”; or I countered with  “pants up, don’t loot”, it might be considered a very controversial blog. In fact, I am told that the more controversial that someone writes, the more chance heated comments are posted or that the blog will go viral.

I look back over my blogs the last few years and I can say that they lack the panache of some controversy. This morning, Virginia has a former Governor about to be sentenced at the Federal Courthouse. It was and is important news. Yet, I did not blog about it. Just not in the wheelhouse of this blog.

When I think of the blog in the new year, I think of it like a legal seminar. “They” always say that if you go to a seminar and you get one helpful thing for the practice, then it has been a successful seminar.

So, what does this mean in my stream of consciousness about blogging for the upcoming year? Well, I hope to give you something each time that will stick with you. I don’t think that it takes controversy to stand out. Still, I hope it’s more than a dry recitation of the Pythagorean Theorem.

My goal is at least one good nugget. Something like Robert Louis Stevenson saying that, “Sooner or later, we all sit down to a banquet of consequences”.

And our pic o’ day is about trust:


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