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On a Monday

I write this on Sunday afternoon from Baltimore. Friday night I traveled to DC for the Washington Wizards basketball game.  The game was so exciting that even the scoreboard operator must have been so effected by the win that he forgot how to spell “Wizards”

Wizards Win

Saturday morning it was on to Baltimore. Peaceful  demonstrations over a man who had been killed two weeks earlier by police, turned to riots. There are still many unanswered questions and even missing security camera footage, according to the Baltimore Sun.  Outside the hotel door I took this picture as I listened to sirens and loud noise.

Baltimore Riot

Last night’s Orioles’ game was interrupted by the public address announcer in the ninth inning. He reportedly advised everyone in the stadium to stay in the stadium while the police outside donned riot gear in an attempt to break up the gathering crowd.

I will be back at the Washington tonight for the Wizards playoff game. These events reminded me that even though I get emotionally involved as a fan, it really is insignificant in the big picture.  Seeing anxiety in the faces of some Baltimore residents at the hotel was a much different emotion than the expressions at the basketball game.

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