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The Rules of Law

Some things are just taken for granted. Before a rocket is launched, they start the countdown. Why wouldn’t there be a countdown? In fact, the idea of a countdown before a rocket launch originated to build drama tension in the 1929 movie “The Woman on the Moon”. Maybe if there was no movie… no rocket countdown that we take for granted before launch.

Yesterday the Baltimore Orioles played their baseball game against the Chicago White Sox. It had been moved to the afternoon from a night game, because of the Baltimore riots. In addition, there were no fans in the stadium. It was the first time in major league baseball history that a game was played without any fans in the stands.

You could hear the pitched ball hit the catcher’s mitt and the outfielders shout out “I got it” when a fly ball came their way. As the announcer said, “You can just hear everything”. Again, as I watched the game, I realized how I take it for granted that there will be cheering fans or someone to catch foul balls. Even the ball girl once caught a foul ball and then appear to lean and hand it to a fan… but there was  no one there to hand the ball for a souvenir. As a fan, I was glad that the Orioles won 8-2!

That brings me to the rules of law. Sometimes, I will pull up to a red light and see someone run the light. It catches me by surprise because I expect the other drivers to obey the traffic signals. Even in the middle of the night with no other traffic around, a majority of drivers will obey traffic signals and stop at stop signs or red lights. Even at 2 in the morning.

Sometimes the law recognizes that you have to pay attention, instead of just moving forward when the light turns green. We can’t just assume that  other drivers will stop when the light turns red. In fact, the law says that you cannot proceed without first looking to see that it is safe to do so.

Rules of law.  It’s easy to take them for granted. Instead, we  still have to pay attention for that one driver who doesn’t obey the law. It’s what keeps us safe.


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