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An Insurance Comparison

How did Noah keep up with it? A baby turkey is called a poult. A group of hogs is a herd. A gathering of quail is a covey. A picture is worth a thousand words. (Just seeing if you are really reading)

A group of geese is known as a gaggle. A group of foxes is known as a skunkel. I wonder why they aren’t just called a group of foxes? A baby kangaroo is a joey. And a Koala bear is not really a bear.

When an insurance company does not want to pay a claim, what do you call it?  Just another day at the office. Boom!

And finally… a happy insurance boss said to his employees, “You worked hard this year. As a reward, I am going to give everyone a check for $5,000. If you work real hard this next year… I will sign the checks.”

(Yes, I just decided to write a blog to pick on insurance.)

And for pic o’ day…



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