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Law and Blue’s Clues

Blue’s Clues is a show that is credited with helping to build the popularity of Nickelodeon Television.  The show came out in the mid-nineties. It follows an animated blue-spotted dog named Blue, who gives clues to viewers as a learning tool. According to Wikipedia, a study of the show found that children between the ages of six and thirty six months benefited in vocabulary and communication. Even young children enjoyed solving puzzles!

I was reminded of that show when I read about police solving crimes in the Hampton Roads area. Two stories in Pilot Online tell these clue stories.

First was the story of the selfie that solved the crime.    A man called the police after two men robbed him of money… when he was trying to buy marijuana from them.  The two men handed him a  backpack. When he opened it, they pushed him to the ground and took his money.

The backpack didn’t contain marijuana, the man later told police – it contained socks. And insult to injury for him… he didn’t even get to keep the socks; the two men even grabbed the backpack and ran.

After he called the police, they searched the area and found a cellphone in a nearby yard. The phone contained a photo of a shirtless selfie. Police showed it to the man who was robbed… who identified the selfie as one of his robbers. The case of the careless selfie!

The second case  involves a Mercedes that was vandalized with eggs. However, police found a clue under the seat… a receipt for eggs.

The receipt had details of the  purchase of a dozen eggs and syrup from a nearby Wal-Mart. It also showed the credit card and transaction numbers. Store employees were able to pull up the video of the man who made the egg purchase. The case of the cracked egg clues!

And for pic o’ day… Is this a clue?


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