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Lights Are Red, Lights Are Green

If you are a fan of the TV show The Blacklist, then you are probably a fan of James Spader. In the mid-nineties, he starred in a show called Stargate that was based  on time travel and extraterrestrials. Yes… probably not based on a true story!

In the show, the country that served as the travel portal to other planets was Egypt. Spader was able to solve the identity of the villain, because he figured out how to save the day by using his understanding of Linguistics in figuring out the ancient Egyptian writings.

According to  the Spader character, reading Egyptian is not that hard “once you know the vowels”. Since Egyptian hieroglyphs were only written using consonants, that served as a joke that only readers of Egyptian would appreciate. Can’t imagine a lot of laughter during that show.

I took you on that long metaphor ride because I was reminded of that reasoning when I saw an article in the Pilot Online. It’s titled Norfolk to adjust timing of 60 traffic lights.

Norfolk is set to receive 600K in state and federal money to “retime” 60 traffic lights in Norfolk, over the next three years. According to a 2010 National Cooperative Highway Research Program, lights that aren’t timed to move traffic efficiently, actually make traffic more congested, causes more accidents and increases pollution from vehicle emissions.

Clearly, the idea sounds like a winner. The traffic lights are not currently on a timer. They change based on the unpredictability of traffic.

Here’s where it seems like we are filling in the vowels. First, it makes me wonder why a 2010 report is the driving force. I guess the answer is turtle movement of government. Second, If I was defending traffic tickets, doesn’t this suggest an argument that the “light wasn’t really red, officer“, Just bad timing?

Yes, that was just my stream of consciousness on this article. Plus, how can you argue with a little Egyptian humor?




And for pic o’ day, a bit of costume theme (or ideas?) for the weekend:


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