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An Employment Lawsuit

I just read a news story at  about a lawsuit that has been filed against a cafe in Conway, South Carolina. It’s a story that makes you think and hope that it cannot be true.


According to the reported facts, a federal lawsuit was filed where the attorneys allege that a white manager treated a mentally handicapped black man like a slave, beating him in the head with a frying pan, and burning him with hot tongs. He was also forced to work unpaid hours, according to court records.

     Christopher Smith had worked at the Fourth Avenue Cafe for about 23 years. During his last four years of employment there, he lived in an apartment that was directly behind the restaurant.
     According to the lawsuit, Smith was forced to work 18-hour days Monday through Saturday, and then he worked an 11-hour Sunday shift. He received no breaks or days off and received no benefits, health insurance or vacation time.

The manager, Bobby Edwards, told Smith that a bank account was being kept for him. Smith did not have access to it.

The apartment behind the restaurant where he lived as part of his employment was roach-infested. It was owned by the manger Bobby Edwards, according to court records. Smith was also prevented from seeing his relatives.

The lawsuit specifically sets forth that Edwards is accused of hitting Smith with a frying pan, a spatula, belts and his fists. He would also dip tongs into hot grease and then press the burning utensil against Smith’s neck. Smith’s lawyers claim that he was too afraid to report the abuse.

Conway police responded to a call at the restaurant. That’s when they found scars on Smith’s back. At that time he was placed into adult protective services. The manager was then criminally charged with second-degree assault and battery.

     In the civil suit, Smith’s lawyers are asking for damages related to pain and suffering, loss of income, back pay, overtime pay, and future medical care. Smith remains in the care of protective services because he is unable to live by himself.
     Reading that makes me want to now attach a pic o’ day to distract me from that bad story of humanity.

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