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Once Upon a Case

Now, let me tell you a story about a case that we just signed up.

Once upon a time, I represented a client in 2008. A few days ago, he was in another car crash, and he called me again for representation. This is the story of that crash.

My client is traveling down the road while doing the speed limit. Without any warning, he is rear-ended and knocked to the side of the road. He is a little “out-of-it” because he also hit his head against the driver-side window.

As he comes to a stop, a man comes up to his window and asks, “Are you ok?”. He replied that, “I think so, I’m just trying to get it together”. “Ok” the man said. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t paying attention.” He then added, “I’ll just pull my car in front of your car and call the police”.

My client notices that the car slowly passes his car. It has a lot of damage to the front. So much damage that he is surprised that the car can even move on the road. Just as the car passes him, it takes off down the road. The driver is leaving the scene of the accident.

My client is unable to do anything but call the police. They soon arrive and he reports what had happened. He then describes the car that left the scene. Then, he is taken to the hospital for treatment.

The next day his wife suggests that they go back to the scene to see if there might be a license plate or something that has fallen off that unknown car. Unfortunately, nothing is found. So, they decide to drive through some neighborhoods nearby.

All of a sudden… they see the car parked next to a house. They phone the Henrico Police Department , who sends a car out. The policeman tells my client to stay in his car. The policeman walks to the front door.  A young woman comes to the door. She admits to the officer that it is her car, but she says that she doesn’t know how it got all damaged.

The police officer comes back to my client and tells him to go home, that he will investigate what happened and get back with him. When my client gets home, he gets a call from his own insurance company. They tell him what body shop to take his car for repairs. To this point, my client still has not called me.

When my client goes to the body shop, he talks to the body shop owner and tells him about the crash. How the driver left the scene, and that he had  fortunately located the car. Because of the description of the car and the owners house, the body shop owner realizes that the car is owned by his niece. He tells my client that she always lets her boyfriend drive her car.  Now… the police know the boyfriend as well.


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