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A Judge’s Injury and Lesson

It’s a reminder that life’s circumstances can change in a moment without any warning. And so it did for a North Dakota judge. A story of recovery and of overcoming adversity. (

It all started when Judge John Irby was playing some noon basketball. He and another player went for the basketball, at the same time. The other player’s hand hit Irby’s right eye, rupturing it,  and causing total vision loss permanently. The basketball also hit the judge’s left eye at the same time that the player’s hand hit the right eye.  The basketball caused a detached retina in his left eye.

Irby: “I knew right away it was bad, boom, lights out,  right away.”

After two months, the judge is back on the bench. He has lost sight in his right eye, and still has reduced vision in his left eye. He hopes to be able to see better in the left as time goes on.

With the help of court staff and coworkers, Irby is hearing cases again with the assistance of technology.

Judge Irby told the reporter that he has done things like, “Changing the computer contrast so I don’t fight glare, and change the computer mouse from white to black so it got easier to track that.” A lighted magnifying glass also helps him see when the computer glare affects him. In addition, they have installed a larger computer monitor up at his desk.

The judge says the whole experience has given him a renewed appreciation for those who live with disabilities every day.  And, he was reminded that, “I work in a great place with great people.” Sometimes it’s hard to see the glass half full but out of a difficult circumstance comes a reminder of good.


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