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Bills to Laws

Our Virginia General Assembly is now back in session. At the beginning of every session, I receive emails regarding introduced legislation that might impact our law practice.

Many bills get stuck in committee and never get to the floor for vote. Those that make it and become law sometimes cause me to say, “I’m surprised this wasn’t already a law”. Others make me wonder, “What are they thinking?”.

That leads me to an article from that listed several laws that have just gone into effect in that state. It made me stop and think about the sense or sensibilities of some of these:

Filming the police: Bystanders will have the explicit right to film police officers as they perform their official duties.

“Ban the box”: Employers will lose the ability to ask job applicants to check a box on an application form that asks whether they’ve been convicted of a crime. The law, seen as a means of easing recidivism by making it easier for ex-convicts to find work, will be enforced by the state Bureau of Labor and Industries.

“Vaping”: Puffing on electronic cigarettes or other related devices inside a public place — on the job, at a bar, at a restaurant, wherever — will no longer be allowed.

Animal neglect: Police officers who see an animal suffering inside a hot vehicle will have the legal right to break in and make a rescue.

Even though these are laws from Oregon, a state that is far from here; I still find their “new laws” interesting.

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