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Fitbit and Wegmans

This  contains lawsuit and recall information on a product and a grocery chain that I like a lot. So, I have combined them both in a news kind of blog. It’s some of Wegmans and Fitbit.

Fitbit is facing a class action lawsuit that claims that their devices do not effectively monitor heart rates. (Fortune) According to the filed lawsuit, Fitbit’s heart rate monitoring technology (PurePulse) does not accurately measure a user’s heart rate. The lawsuit contends that one of the plaintiff’s “trainer recorded a heart rate of 160 beats per minute (bpm) while her Fitbit showed that her heart rate was only 82 beats per minute.”

The lawsuit also states that a cardiologist, who used an electrocardiogram machine to compare results, found Fitbit’s heart rate sensor to be consistently inaccurate.  Multiple plaintiffs in the lawsuit claim the same reported inaccuracies. The market doesn’t like this news and the stock that recently went public is now trading below its IPO price after falling over 12%.

Moving from fitness to food, you might want to avoid buying certain bags of chicken. These include Wegman’s Italian Flavored Chicken Breast Cutlet and Brown Sugar Barbecue Seasoned Chicken Breast Cutlet. The grocery chain has issued a recall on its chicken because their product/ chicken missed a government inspection.( The grocery chain advises that they have recalled over a thousand pounds of chicken.

I guess it makes you question health. Me, I would question seeing a chicken walking fast down the street… wearing a Fitbit.

And to fight the cold…


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