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My First 2016 Blog

Fifteen Ways to Be a Better Person in 2016 caught my eye. The NY Times article was angling a different approach from the usual Here Are My Resolutions. Some of them will probably make you shake your head. I personally like the idea of drinking more coffee and being the boss of my electronic devices!

I had been wrestling with whether to write a resolutions blog, since I know that you haven’t seen any of those recently. (sarcasm warning)

Then, I saw another article by writer Jennifer Connolly Simpler Ways To Be Happier in 2016, that gave me more ideas for the new year. Both of these are definitely worth clicking and reading but this one had more for me!   Great ideas on being positive, eating well and taking care of my mental attitude with better choices.

Which leads me to this day…my first day back to work in the new year.  It starts with a 7 am doctor’s deposition. So, maybe that has something to do with my rebellion against resolutions. Or maybe the article from the Richmond Times Dispatch that reminded me that Positive thinking surprisingly not so helpful in keeping resolutions. But I head out positively to my morning deposition!!!!

Finally, I close with an obituary thought that I read in December that had true impact on me.   A wonderful lady that my wife introduced me to from the Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts, had passed away.  At the end of the recitation of all the amazing things that she had done in life, there was a final special message at the end. It basically said that instead of giving to a designated charity, she just wanted us to show kindness to each other. That would be a great resolution to really keep.


And for pic o’ day, I wanted to make sure my first  pic o’ of 2016 had some real meaning. When I couldn’t satisfy that, I went with a reminder of helping each other. (I realized how hard it is to find a pic o’ with meaning!)


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