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Some Snow and a Doctor’s Opinion

After this weekend, I knew I needed to mention the snow; make a reference to an upcoming trial… and of course, say how glad I am that Peyton Manning is going to the Super Bowl!

In a couple of weeks, I have a jury trial where the defense has identified a doctor to testify about my client’s injuries. Not surprisingly, the hired doctor opinion is that the injuries are not that significant. (Did I mention the defense hired him?)

In fact, his testimony identified by the defense attorney, is that my client should have fully recovered after 6-8 weeks. That’s because the doctor claims that the client “only sustained soft-tissue injuries” and that all such soft tissue injuries resolve within 6-8 weeks.

That doctor’s testimony is no surprise because I have seen him identified by other defense attorneys to testify in several past cases. In those cases… he also testified that my client’s injuries should have resolved in 6-8 weeks. In his world, everyone is the same.

So now to the metaphor of the snow. (my blog excuse to post snow pictures!)

Here’s an “out-the-window” picture of the snow on the Virginia Beach boardwalk this weekend.

beach snow

And here are two pictures of the snow looking out of the house in Richmond. Hint… not all Virginians were hit the same!   It’s all how and where you look at it.

rich snow 1









That doctor testifying for the defense reminds me of the quote, “As a rule we disbelieve all the facts and theories for which we have no use.”

– William James

And for our Monday pic o’ day, more from point-of-view. Some “joy”:


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