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The Love of Lawsuits

When two words are combined to form a single word, the new word is called a portmanteau. For example:  motor + hotel = motel, breakfast + lunch = brunch.

When you just read that sentence, did you ask “Why?”. Maybe you wondered whether this warrants a mention in a legal blog. Of course, I have been known to wander a bit!

I wrote it because it came to mind as I watched an old episode of Shark Tank the other night. For brevity, I won’t discuss the show except that start-up businesses are pitching their idea to get a “shark” to invest.

One man presented an idea about providing water to plants and trees with a conservation hood over each. By description, it saved hundreds of gallons of water and also better watered the plants and trees.

The “Shark” who calls himself Mr. Wonderful, was clearly bored with the initial idea until he learned that this start-up might be in litigation with someone infringing on their patent. He admitted that he got excited because he likes to sue people.  His possible reason for an investment.

I watched that and just asked myself “Why?”. How can that be a business investment motivation?  But, there are people who love the conflict and not the resolution.

Lawsuits can be a necessary evil to hold someone accountable.  But an investment reason?

For pic o’ day… I think this was something like my expression as I watched the episode:



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