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50 Cent Reminder

Welcome to a Monday blog. An escape from politics and election weekend returns. Instead, it’s a story of what happens when social media gets a judge’s attention. But first, a story that a lawyer told me about what happened to his client in trial.

Attorney puts his client on the stand to tell about his injuries. The client goes into great detail about how his life has been limited and what he cannot do since his car crash. The attorney finished and told his client to answer defense counsel any questions that she has.

The defense attorney gets up and begins specifically asking about the client’s injuries and limitations. She fully explores his testimony of his inability to enjoy vacations and physical activities. He was adamant that his life was now limited and the fun was gone because of the crash. Then… the attorney introduced a picture from the client’s Facebook account.

It showed the client parachuting out of an airplane. The picture had only been taken weeks earlier. Not surprisingly, the jury was unimpressed with the injury testimony.

I was reminded of that story when I read ( the headline Broke’ 50 Cent ordered to court after flashing cash online.

Since October, 50 Cent has posted several photographs on Instagram of him playing with cash. In one, he’s in bed surrounded by dozens of stacks of $100 bills — easily $50,000 in that picture alone. Because he is in the midst of bankruptcy, he has now been summoned by the Judge to explain how it is that he has so much cash to be silly, when claiming that he is bankrupt.

I suppose the judge was not be humored with his social media picture of stacks of $100 bills arranged around him to spell B-R-O-K-E.   Maybe D-U-M-B would have been better.

And for pic o’ day on a Monday!


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