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Observation and Future Concern


When I see this picture, it makes me think about seeing what is to be seen.

Stressed is desserts spelled backwards. That reminds me that sometimes worrying about the future is really just looking at things wrong.

Thomas Edison thought he was really looking towards the future when he got a patent for a method of making concrete furniture… And a patent that allowed a cigar to burn forever. Now I think about his “future inventions” and think “Not so much”.

In 1875, it was against the law to sell sodas and candies on Sunday. So, to get around the law, William Garwood invented the ice cream sundae. We now benefit from that treat and have clearly moved past a silly law.  No future in that kind of pious thinking.

While coming back from the Virginia Beach office on Monday night, I saw several cars that had hit ice patches and slid into the ditch. It made me wonder why we have made so much progress with technology and still can’t easily drive on roads because of weather.

I am asked about my thoughts on how our practice will be impacted by cars without drivers. It’s probably like Edison getting all excited about cement furniture or the evils of candy being sold on Sunday.

Who will be at fault when cars without drivers get into car crashes? For now, I just wish the future would provide a better way to drive on the road in different kinds of weather! Some things aren’t worth thinking about.

And for pic o’ day, more on thinking about the future!


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