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Planning… and Some Ben Franklin


This just seemed to be a good starter pic o’ for Monday, if you had a weekend of busy!

The following represents three examples of preparation and planning. A reminder that to get somewhere… it doesn’t just happen.

The base of the Great Pyramid in Egypt measures larger than ten football fields. Ancient Greek historian Herodotus tells us about the planning. He wrote that it took 400,000 men more than twenty years to build it.

I am told that the Japanese have a special plan to grow amazing melons. First, they plant a seed; Then, allow it to sprout and form buds. They pick all the buds except for one. That bud is left to grow into a full melon.

This single melon is now receiving all the nutrients that originally was being supplied to all the melons that were growing. The result is an amazing tasting melon.

Anthony Hopkins, famous for such roles that range from Nixon, to Hitler and Picasso, to Hannibal Lecter; was asked how he prepared for a role. This as part of an interview with Total Film. His answer gives an insight into preparation:

I’m meticulous about learning the script. I always make sure I really know it, go over it and over it and over it until I feel comfortable with it. People say “How many times?” and I say, “Well, I go over it maybe 200 times,” just to scare the hell out of them. And I only use that number because then I trick my brain into saying, “I know it, I know it, I know it,” and once I feel comfortable, I can go along and act it and there’s no strain, no “What do I say next?” I know it so well that I can just let it happen.

In thinking about planning and preparation, I can’t help but to think about our trial work and about law firm planning. Ben Franklin succinctly said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail“.

Of course, Frank Underwood, in House of Cards, has a different outlook on planning, “If you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table“.

And for pic o’ day, when I received this one… I just kept looking at it and smiling:


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