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The Phone Jamming Charge

I guess he would say that he just needed some peace and quiet.

The Chicago Tribune tells us the story of a Chicago certified public accountant who is facing a felony charge because he “allegedly” was using a jamming device to prevent the others on the city train from using their cellphones.

In court, Judge James Brown called Dennis Nicholl the “cellphone police” and set his bail at $10,000 in the Cook County Circuit Court, after Nicholl was charged with unlawful interference with a public utility.

Apparently, other riders repeatedly on several trips could not use their cell phones or other devices and alerted officials on the train.  After repeated complaints, an undercover police officer caught Nicholl with a device in his hand, with multiple antennas.

The officer then took out his phone and attempted a call. The signal was abruptly dropped. The plainclothes officer then arrested Nicholl and took him into custody.

In the arrest report, police wrote that Nicholl told investigators that “He’s disturbed by people talking around him,” His lawyer said after his bond hearing that “He might have been selfish in thinking about himself, but he didn’t have any malicious intent.”

I am posting this because I found this to be a curious remedy by Nicholl, that every time he got on the train… no one’s phone would be able to make calls. I wonder how long this had been going on and whether others actually were enjoying the ride!

And for our Friday pic o’ day… warning???? (another one sent to me that made me laugh) Have a great weekend!




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