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Cakes and Cookies

Here’s some food news:

From the NY Daily News comes a story about a lawsuit that was filed against Whole Foods by a Texas pastor who alleges that a cake he ordered contained a homophobic slur. According to the suit the pastor of the Church of Open Doors ordered a cake from the grocery store which was to read “Love Wins.” However, when the plaintiff picked up the cake, he allegedly found that a slur had also been written on the cake. Whole Foods has denied that its bakery had anything to do with the addition of the slur on the cake. However, the plaintiff released a video that supposedly shows the cake in the box, with an unbroken Whole Foods seal. Whole Foods denied its bakery employee had any role in writing the cake lettering.


Back to Nature Foods has issued a recall (PRNewswire)on some of their cookies, due to ingredients in the cookies that are not listed on the label. The cookies may contain milk ingredients. The recall applies to Back to Nature’s Classic Creme cookies in 12 oz. packages, which contain undeclared milk. People with “an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk run the risk of a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume this product.” Sad to ruin a good cookie!

And finally, in the past I used to include a section in all the blogs called Did You Know?, my blogs were getting too long, so I cut it out. I wish I could also include a saying of the day but that would face the same fate. Still, I like the following quote… if I did have that daily blog “feature”:

The thing about chaos is that while it disturbs us, it too forces our hearts to roar in a way that we secretly find magnificent.

-Christopher Poindexter

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