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Too Late!

Poker players say that if you can’t spot the sucker at the table… then you are the sucker. It’s basically the same for people who are always late. If you don’t know someone who is always late… then you are that friend who is always late. Unfortunately for one lawyer, being late was costly.

It all started when Judge Bynum Gibson had asked the lawyers for both sides to be present at 8:30 a.m. He wanted to take care of trial motions before trial started at 9. (Monticello Live) This was a murder trial and the jury was ready to be seated.

When Arkansas defense attorney Jim Morris arrived at 9:08 a.m., he tried to explain that he was late because he had to take his daughter to camp and couldn’t reach the court by phone because of poor cellphone reception issues. Unfortunately for Morris, the judge said that the case was already concluded for the day. Poor Judicial Reception!

The judge held Morris in contempt and said he even considered jailing the attorney for 24 hours. Instead of jail time, Judge Gibson fined Morris—requiring him to pay $4,000 to the court clerk. It was based on the expense of the cost of compensating 60 to 70 prospective jurors and the witness fees that were also paid for this murder case.

“I’ve had defendants not show up, but never had attorneys show up after 9 o’clock,” Gibson said. “It’s killed 3 days of court time.” Now, the murder trial has been rescheduled for July.

Better late than never was not better. You just can’t be a highway cone. Have to keep it moving and be on time!

And for pic o’ day, that ole-fashioned technology… right?


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