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Citizen Joe Brown

The TV commercial shows us an operating room with surgeons and nurses gathered around the patient. One member of the surgical team begins issuing orders on what to do to save the patient. They all begin to act on his emergency leadership instructions. Then, a second person of the team asks, “Are you a surgeon?” He replies, “No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.”

I was reminded of that ad when I saw the news story about Judge Joe Brown. Former TV judge Joe Brown was licensed to practice law in Tennessee. For now, he can’t practice because his license has been placed on disability inactive status.

According to the public relations department of his TV show, Brown’s recent health problems, are partly related to complications from diabetes .

“Judge Brown is suffering from what hopefully will prove to be a temporary disability as a result of complications following from Type II Diabetes and the effects of prescribed medication for the condition combined with hypertension and stress,” the statement said.

The other part of his “disability” might be part and parcel related to the Tennessee Supreme Court order that has transferred Brown’s license to a disability status says the court did consider documentation of Brown’s disability that was supplied by his doctor and…

A pending ethics complaint petition against him that has been suspended. The complaint stems from an incident in a courthouse in Shelby County where Brown challenged the authority of a magistrate, verbally was hollering and was ultimately led away in handcuffs. (Story here) As a result of his conduct in that courtroom, he received a  five-day contempt sentence that was ultimately upheld by the state supreme court, which led to the state bar ethics complaint.

Why would I blog about a man’s travails with the Tennessee bar? Because I think that he should now do a television ad where someone asks, “How do you know what to do in the courtroom? Are you a judge or lawyer?” “No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night”. Boom!

I’m just reporting! I’m sure he’s made enough money to laugh at it all!

And for pic 0′ day…


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