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Eyebrows and Love

First, how’s that for a blog title? Did it grab your attention? I think that’s what they call “click bait” but I figure that anything goes for our weekend blog… right?

First, when I was 16-years-old, I worked at Roses Deparment Store. I was called the assistant manager of the Toy Department and the Stationery Department. The reality was, that the full time workers all went home and the store was run by a bunch of teenagers. Retail at it’s finest.

I was making minimum wage as the “Department Manager” and that bothered me. So, I used to always ask the manager for a raise and he would just laugh. Then, I would ask if he wanted me to give minimum work for minimum wage… and he just laughed.

I remembered that life experience when I saw this story on Donald Trump at I won’t spoil the surprise of the story. Wait, What? It’s no surprise? Exactly!

In the article, Trump brags about not paying contractors. He justifies it by saying that if he wasn’t pleased with their work, he wouldn’t pay them. Or, he would withhold payment if he felt that they didn’t do a great job. His mentality was that he was only going to pay minimum… for minimum. That’s why I thought of my wonderful retail days at retail.

Fox portrayed the Trump payment schedule in as favorable a light as possible. It even sounds worse here at USA Today. I think that it’s one of those “it’s all how you look at it”. If you aren’t a Trump fan, then you just think that he is scum. If you are a fan, then it’s good business.

But I don’t want to focus on that. How about some fun pic o’s for the weekend? It’s why I titled this Eyebrows and Love!




Have a great weekend!!!

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