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Pictures and Colors

It’s time to relax… it’s Friday…


It’s my opportunity to ramble a bit, post a picture of a pig with Trump hair,


 And why not post a picture of a pig taking a cat for a walk, without judgment!


Which also requires me to post the trusty Lion on the couch

food Lion

I promise that I truly started this blog with the intent of actually blogging. Then, I got carried away with this nonsense. So, let me close with a couple of random thoughts:

In Shakespeare’s days, mattresses were secured on bed frames by rope. When you pulled on the rope, the mattress would get tighter!  The tighter the mattress, the firmer the bed. They didn’t need Sleep Number beds! That’s where we get the phrase “Goodnight, sleep tight”.

And finally, researchers have determined that dogs can see two colors, yellow and blue. Apparently, they did tennis ball research. As a result, some dogs do watch TV. The clearer the picture, the more vivid the colors. I say all that to say, they are still trying to figure out why dogs sleep on the remote control! Boom!

Have a great weekend!!!!

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