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Just a Tune-up

It seems like another lifetime. I found myself playing in the band in my school. Middle school and high school students all played for the same band.

Because my parents were determined to make sure I was well-rounded, I was part of this group of amazing musicians in the trumpet section. Yes, amazing is sarcasm. However, it’s a good thing that neither of my parents are writing this blog, because they would have a few tales to tell about my lack of discipline in my trumpet practicing.

I had worked myself to 4th trumpet; so at least I had that going for me. Although, I’m not sure that there were a lot of trumpet players in the band.  Since I’m telling the story, it does sound good to say “4th trumpet”, right? Really, all that meant was that the band director knew if you were absent.

I will admit, though, that we regularly tested the band director’s memory. This meant that on any given day I might trade instruments with someone… until the director would stop during an early song and say, “Joel, get out of the trombone section”. Of course, it’s hard for a 6th grader to be too serious about much.   But I digress.

Fortunately, 1st Trumpet did not have the responsibility of keeping an eye on me and my musical cohorts. The primary responsibility of 1st chair was to stand up at the beginning. The director would ask him to play middle C, so we could all be in tune. Then all the instruments would play Middle C until we all sounded the same. It was a tune-up.

I don’t remember much about those band playing days. But I do remember the importance of the tune-up, to stay in tune.

Sometimes I find it real easy to get irritated at something not going my way. Maybe it’s when I think that a judge has not ruled the way I expect. Or maybe it’s an unreasonable adjuster. I could name several things that get me off key. Sometimes I just need a tune-up to be in tune. It’s a reminder to turn to my favorite Bible verse.

Proverbs 3: 5-6

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

What do you do when you feel out of tune?

And now for pic o’ day, here’s and exercise theme when your body needs a tune-up… or something like that.



and then your basic amazing exercise equipment. Unless it’s a circumstance of buying the workout clothes… and not the membership! Boom!


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