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The Tale of Two

From the NY Daily News comes a story titled New Jersey man’s wife and girlfriend memorialize him in dueling obituaries.IMG_0247


First, it’s fascinating that the newspaper allowed both of these obituaries to be posted. I guess the editor didn’t want to get in the middle of a duel between his “loving wife” and his “long time girlfriend”.

Not surprisingly, neither mentioned the other. The first obituary says he died “at home surrounded by his family”. The second  just says he died at home, and refers to him with the nickname of “Leroy Blast Black”. If you look closely, you can also see that the word longtime is misspelled in the second. Just details.

And when the reporter contacted the newspaper to find out why they posted both obituaries, their answer kept it simple. Because “the wife wanted it one way, and the girlfriend wanted it another way”.

I guess there is nothing illegal about that. I just wonder how comfortable everyone will be at the viewing and funeral. Will the seating be similar to a wedding with friends on one side… and friends on the other.

And, this is more like cartoon o’ day instead of pic o’…


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