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Colgate or Soap?

This is a blog about a special ingredient in Colgate toothpaste. Or, more accurately, how can a chemical that is banned from soap still be allowed in toothpaste? (NY Times) (

The Food and Drug Administration has announced that it will finally ban the use of triclosan in antibacterial soaps. Why? Because it is considered a toxic chemical associated with hormone disruption in people. Not so good.

I wish that was the end of the blog. That I could say that the FDA is making hand soaps safer. But wait, there’s more! Much like what you get if you buy the Pocket Fisherman. They’ll throw in the Ginzu Knife and two Shamwow cloths.

The FDA gave companies one year to get hand soaps containing Triclosan off the market, and banned 18 other antibacterial ingredients that were allowed in soaps. Our hands are safer.

But here’s the crazy part. This same Triclosan is still allowed in Colgate Total toothpaste.  That’s because Colgate-Palmolive has convinced the FDA that toothpastes that contains triclosan have been “demonstrated to be effective at reducing plaque and gingivitis”.



This, despite the fact that Rolf Halden, a director for environmental security at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, believes that triclosan  in only a small amount of chemicals, gets absorbed into our body when soap is put on hands, but through gums “chemicals get rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.” In his words… toothpaste makes it much more dangerous.

So, I have attached the articles above. The FDA is open to receiving more information on this chemical. For now, it seems to me that you are actually safer brushing your teeth with an antibacterial soap than this toothpaste. But that’s just my “toof cents” worth.

And for pic o’ day, this made me laugh since I’m a “pillow person”.



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