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Pompeii Behavior

The ancient city of Pompeii was buried and destroyed by the volcano that erupted from Mount Vesuvius. Before its destruction, Pompeii was a popular holiday resort for rich Romans, who spent their holidays there.

Supposedly, the 79 A.D. eruption started on the morning of August 24, just one day after the celebration of Vulcanalia, the festival of the Roman god of fire.

The walls of the ruins were covered with graffiti. Some of the graffiti written on the walls included Gaius was here, Go hang yourself, Thou art bald, and Atemitus got me pregnant.

History of the disaster and events before and after were detailed at the time by Pliny the Younger, who interviewed survivors and recorded his findings in a letter to his friend Tacitus.

Seismic activity in the region was so common that residents paid little attention when quakes shook the earth on that fateful day. People were unprepared for the disaster.  Wide-ranging estimates of death indicated a number somewhere between 2000- 25000.

The ruins of Pompeii are a reminder that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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