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Reverend Innocent Johnson

Starfish have no brains.  How’s that for a blog starter?

Now, here’s some nonsense: I received the following email a few days ago that I post in part:

Attention Customer,

 You have received this email because you are a Customer of Western Union Money Transfer.

 I have been trying to get in-touch with you on phone before I traveled. I have handed over your funds of $ 2,500.000.00 USD to the new Director here Rev. Innocent Johnson. I have remitted the first payment of $5,000 with the help of my working partner Rev. Innocent Johnson to you and here is the information. Money Transfer Control Number MTCN: 5519104405 Sender’s First Name: PETER Sender’s Last Name: CHUKWU Text Question: RIGHT

Answer: NOW

 I told him to keep sending you $ 5,000 USD daily until the payment of $ 2,500.000.00 USD is completed and again forward them your Telephone number, Full Name, Your Country and address so that they will be sure. Please, contact: Rev. Innocent Johnson with the below details:

 Noted: If there is any problem with the transfer, do contact Rev. Innocent Johnson and he will solve it for you. The care of the funds is under his custody now.


Justin Larry

There’s just something about this email that doesn’t seem true! Although, I do enjoy the names. How can you argue with a Reverend name Innocent, or a fellow named Peter Chuckwu?

The point of this blog is basically… where is the truth? Come on. Why can’t some people be real.

I promise not to get started on insurance ads or political campaigns. So, I will just leave it at that. Why the nonsense? Because they think we are starfish?

And for pic o’ day:



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