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Those Crazy Laws

There are always some things that cannot always be explained. For instance, Charlie Chaplin once won third prize in a Charlie Chaplin look alike contest.

When it comes to different laws in different states, some of those seem a bit curious. I suppose that it used to be much more important to address the issue of having your horse tied up in front of the store. Now… taking your horse grocery shopping is not expected.

From Criminal Justice Career Schools comes a listing of Criminal Justice Resources: The Top 50 Strangest Laws. I have not personally researched each of these laws. However, I am fascinated to see the Virginia law that was posted. I suspect that this Virginia law (if you scroll down) had something to do with games of chance. So here we go:

Alabama: It is not permitted to playing the game of dominos on Sundays

Alaska: You cannot wake a bear up in order to take a picture with it in the state of Alaska.

Arizona: According to a law in Tucson, Arizona, women are not allowed to wear pants.

Arkansas: Men can beat their wives, but only once per month in Arkansas.

California: Mousetraps cannot be used in California without an official hunting license.

Colorado: In Pueblo, Colorado, dandelions cannot be grown within the city limits.

Connecticut: Dogs cannot get an education in Hartford, Connecticut.

Delaware: A marriage can be annulled if the marriage occurred because of a dare.

Florida: It is against the law to imitate an animal in the city of Miami.

Georgia: Barbers cannot advertise the price of a haircut or any other services in the state of Georgia.

Hawaii: Ironically, the laws of Hawaii say you cannot appear in public wearing only swimming trunks.

Idaho: If you’re giving your sweetheart a box of candy in Idaho, it must weight more than 50 pounds.

Illinois: It is very clearly stated that all cars in Illinois must be driven with a steering wheel included.

Indiana: In South Bend, Indiana, monkeys cannot smoke cigarettes.

Iowa: No one can be charged an admission cost to see a one-armed piano player in the state of Iowa.

Kansas: Cherry pie a la mode cannot be served on Sundays in Kansas.

Kentucky: Kentucky law states that people must bathe at least once per year.

Louisiana: Gargling in public is illegal in Louisiana.

Maine: You cannot win more than three dollars from gambling in the state of Maine.

Maryland: Oysters must be treated properly in Maryland by law.

Massachusetts: Tomatoes are not permitted in clam chowder in the state of Massachusetts.

Michigan: A woman’s hair is her husband’s legal property in Michigan.

Minnesota: Women impersonating Santa Claus can face up to thirty days in prison.

Mississippi: You cannot kill your “servant” in Mississippi.

Missouri: Men must have permits to shave in the state of Missouri.

Montana: Wives cannot open their husbands’ mail or else they face felony charges.

Nebraska: Soup must be made at the same time bartenders serve beer in Nebraska.

Nevada: Camels cannot be driven on the highway in Nevada.

New Hampshire: You cannot check into a hotel under a false name in New Hampshire.

New Jersey: Forget buying cabbage on Sunday in New Jersey: it’s illegal!

New Mexico: The city of Carlsbad has banned the Miriam-Webster collegiate dictionary.

New York: It is illegal in New York to throw a ball at a person’s head for fun.

North Carolina: The city of Ashland prohibits public sneezing on city streets.

North Dakota: You cannot fall asleep with your shoes still on in North Dakota.

Ohio: In the state of Ohio you cannot have a bear without a license.

Oklahoma: No ugly or funny faces shall be made at dogs in the state of Oklahoma.

Oregon: No one can bathe without wearing acceptable clothing that covers their body from the neck to their knees.

Pennsylvania: Marriages cannot be performed if either the bride or groom is drunk.

Rhode Island: It is illegal to throw pickle juice on a trolley in Rhode Island.

South Carolina: Everyone living in South Carolina must take their gun to church with them.

South Dakota: You cannot fall asleep while in a cheese factory in South Dakota.

Tennessee: You are not allowed to drive and sleep in the state of Tennessee.

Texas: In the state of Texas, no one is allowed to have a pair of pliers on them at any time.

Utah: All birds are granted the right of way on highways in Utah.

Vermont: You must not deny that God exists in Vermont.

Virginia: In Richmond, Virginia, it’s illegal to flip a coin to determine who will buy the coffee.

Washington: It’s against the law to pretend your parents are rich in Washington state.

West Virginia: No adults allowed: In the state of West Virginia, only babies are allowed to ride in baby carriages.

Wisconsin: There will be no kissing on trains in Wisconsin!

Wyoming: Women cannot stand within five feet of a bar.

       And this pic o’ day made me laugh. Is it like wearing a shirt on shirt on shirt?


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