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Tuesday Debate Thoughts!

I admit that I stayed up late for the debate. So, I am dragging a bit. If you watched it… what do you think?

I promised myself that I would turn the TV off when the debate ended. But I couldn’t. Sure enough, I kept watching and turning between the different channels to see the analysis of the various commentators. You don’t need me to give my analysis of the debate. There’s plenty of that wherever you turn. But I do have some thoughts on the after activities.

I was surprised that Fox News was so tough on Donald Trump. I watched the NBC reporters try to give Trump some leeway in their analysis. Everyone was surprised that Trump really “landed no punches” when it came to emails. Plus, several of the station commentators really applauded Hilary Clinton for having such a grasp of the facts as a contrast to Trump seeming less sure-footed. Remote Control is a wonderful TV watching tool.

I am fascinated that our political process has actually adopted something called the spin room. We don’t even kid ourselves anymore. We have created rooms for reporters to go, where they know that campaign supporters and staff will go to get the full one-side version of what just happened. That makes me laugh! It reminds of those Citi Card commercials where the premise is “Wouldn’t it be great if everyone said what they meant?”. It’s the exact opposite!

Plus, Trump did what no candidate usually does. No surprise there. He actually went directly into the spin rooms to talk directly to the reporters after the debate. It didn’t just leave the spin to staff. It humored me to watch reporters screaming questions at him, just trying to get noticed.

One final thought. I truly enjoyed watching the way that the debate was shown. While one candidate was speaking, the other was on the screen at the same time. It showed true reaction in real time. And I couldn’t help it. I found myself watching the person not speaking, just to see if they looked smug or restless or if they looked like they couldn’t help themselves from interrupting.

Our Presidential debates. I think I was looking for some entertainment. Then I found myself asking, “Which one looks more presidential?”.



And for pic o’ day, I think I’ve posted this before but it seemed relevant for some fair and balanced!IMG_2148

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