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Some Friday Fixins’



First, I know what you are thinking, “Does this cow really think that it’s the best day ever?” Just thought I’d start out with a smiling cow.

Let’s move to chicken tenders. Although, we probably shouldn’t call them chicken tenders. Not so much chicken… not so much tender. The point is, how did we get to the point where people figured out that life isn’t all about finger foods. That you can use a knife and a fork to eat… or at least should.

Let’s move to 1533, in the year of our Lord. Catherine de Medici marries Henry II of France.  When she “moves in”, she brings knives and forks with her, as well as several master Florentine cooks.

Soon, foods never before seen in France were being served that required using eating utensils instead of fingers or daggers. History also tells us that she introduced spinach. That’s where we get “à la Florentine”. She also brought the “fixins'” of sweetbreads, artichoke hearts, truffles, macaroons, and ice cream.

And pizza… it’s not just for breakfast anymore.



Have a great weekend! (seems like I just typed that a couple of days ago) And I hope that you have some great food this weekend!


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