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Fake News

During the recent months leading up to the presidential election, you could go to Facebook to get news. Sometimes it was news that you couldn’t get from anywhere else but Facebook. So you might find this “newsworthy”.

A survey from Buzzfeed Canada estimated that after looking at a thousand news posts on Facebook,  groups supporting Trump and groups supporting Clinton were both posting articles of influence that were really false Facebook headlines. The article itemizes the statistics on who was posting more false ads than the other. It became acceptable “political marketing”.

That’s why it got my attention when I saw the following USA Today article about those false Facebook ads. In an article titled Mark Zuckerberg vows to weed out Facebook ‘fake news’, He says that he doesn’t accept the premise that false ads had any impact on the recent presidential election. Despite that belief, their security system is now starting to “flag fake news and hoaxes.”

For Facebook users, it also means a personal responsibility not to forward some article, just because you want it to be true. I personally read a few that were on my news feed on Facebook, and I came to the conclusion that there was no way that my Facebook friend could have even read the attached article. Sometimes, the articles were that outrageous.

For the purposes of this blog, I’m not even repeating some of the craziness that was sent to me by way of my news feed. Then, I would hear people talking about the articles as though they were true.

Fake news has become a way of attacking what we disagree with, without taking any responsibility. Except… when we post such nonsense, it is our responsibility! Just my 2 cents.

And for pic o’ day, let’s travel from false stories to “real law”:


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