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Butterball Lawyer?

Yesterday was our office Christmas breakfast. It has evolved over the years from a dinner, to a lunch, to now just breakfast. Our Richmond and Virginia Beach offices were both there. Over the past years, the staff has generally expressed that they enjoy having breakfast and then the rest of the day off…. “so they can shop like it’s their job!”. That always makes me laugh.

One of the attorney’s wives (Karen) sitting at my breakfast table told me the following story that just happened. It shows some funny Christmas spirit…or something like that.

As Karen was driving through Carytown, she noticed an older lady limping along while dragging her grocery bags. She stopped and asked the lady if she could drive her to her house. The lady shook her off and said that she was fine. The lady then told her she had been in a car accident and that her doctor had suggested that she try to walk a bit, because it would help with her recovery.

Karen then asked her if she had an attorney. The lady looked a bit bewildered at that question. Finally, she shook her head yes and said, “Yes, it’s a Butterball“. Instead of answering whether she had an attorney, she thought that Karen had asked her, “Do you have a turkey?”. Boom!

I hope you have a great weekend!

And for pic o’ day, I am posting two that were sent to me, that made me smile:





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