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Marketing and Medicine

First, I start out with our our Monday something my mom sent me…


I love this time of year for many reasons. And on Friday, someone delivered a gift basket that included “Grandma’s Homemade Boysenberry Jam”, which is entirely unlike anything my grandmother ever made. But that’s the fun part of the season… plus it is truly some amazing marketing to make a jar of sugar sound like something from my grandmother. Right?

So quickly to the blog. It’s a situation where health meets a lifesaving idea. Dr. Henry Heimlich (wikipedia), famous for developing an anti-choking technique, has passed away at age 96. His obituary in the New York Times describes his life and story.


He was known as Mr. Lifesaver because in the 70’s when he proposed the maneuver that was named after him, choking on foreign objects was the sixth leading cause of death. It was estimated to be the cause of over 4000 deaths per year. This included children who were choking on toys.

Not only did he come up with the idea of the Heimlich Maneuver, but he then marketed it. Initially, he was viewed as a self-promoting crackpot. But when saved lives began to accumulate because of the Heimlich maneuver, skeptics were silenced and state and federal health authorities began to endorse his procedure. Today, the American Medical Association says that it now is estimated to save thousands of lives each year. The two pasted articles above give a good description of his life and idea.

I am impressed with the thought that he would not allow critics to derail him and that he was not effected by peer pressure. Even in the early stages when the medical community frowned on any kind of marketing; he was doing interviews, writing books, and going on TV to promote. As he put it, “I can do more toward saving lives in three minutes on television, than I could do all my life in the operating room”.


And for pic o’ day:


And because I can’t get enough of these!


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