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All Tangled Up!

“It’s the principle of the thing”. Or I hear, “I just want my day in court”. I start the blog out with things that I caution clients about when considering settlement offers. Don’t go to court for the wrong reason. Settle the case if the offer is fair.

In Sun Tzu’s Art of War (which I periodically reference), Law 47 is Do not go Past the Mark you Aimed for; In Victory, Learn to Stop. In handling injury claims, I try to apply this principle! Understand the value of a case. Don’t go to trial, just because the defense attorney angers me. Once you meet the target, accept it or go to trial for the right reasons.

That’s an analysis of how I think in settlement, and how I counsel clients in making their decision about whether to go to court or settle their case.

In that context, I saw that USA Today reported on a story about two bucks titled “Battling bucks die after antlers lock together in Missouri woods“. According to the person who found the two bucks on the ground, ”  They fought across that whole area. It was a pretty amazing. I’ve never seen anything like that before”.



Apparently, neither one would give in to the other. So… they both died. Their antlers got so entangled as they fought, that neither could escape. Neither appeared willing to yield to the other. An 11-point-buck and a 12-point-buck who fought to the death.

I guess the story could be spun that they both were warriors who would not give in to surrender. Instead, I think it’s applicable to real life. As Kenny sang, Know when to hold them… know when to fold them“. In my world, it means knowing when it’s the right time to go to court… for the right reason.

And for pic o’ day that was sent from Erin, it’s all about effort and making progress!


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